The Different Types Of Self-Storage Facilities

Not all storage facilities are the same. They may all be engaged in the same line of business but there are bound to be differences in what they are able to offer. Usually, the size and location determine the options they can provide to clients.

Indoor Storage

Indoor self-storage facilities can be likened to rooms for rent. Instead of housing people however, the units contain varying kinds of personal and business properties that can fit in the allotted spaces. Indoor storage units come in different sizes and features.

In terms of protection from the natural elements, indoor storage facilities offer the most advantage since they are adequately enclosed. Some come with provision for climate control, adding more protection when required. These units are housed in a building from the ground floor to the upper floors. Units that are located on the ground floor are the most preferred because of easy accessibility.

An elevator is provided to service the upper floors. Other facilities provide the option to drive up if physical set-up allows. This type of storage is also the most secure.

Drive-up Storage

Drive-up storage facilities are similar to enclosed garages that open and close with roll-up doors. They are located on the ground floor where it is very easy to drive in a vehicle if necessary. Depending on what is to be contained in the unit, customers can choose to have the climate-controlled option or not.

Customers who have preference for this option are retail stores that need a place to put inventories that are not in season, businesses that require additional space for their growing files, and individuals who have many personal properties to store but would be inappropriate for indoor storage facilities.

Storage Pods

Storage pods are essentially big containers or boxes usually the size of a small room. These boxes are filled by customers themselves and then are picked up by the storage facility to be placed in a warehouse containing similar boxes. Customers have the option to use a provided trailer to tow their boxes into the facility.

Customers just need to inform the storage provider to deliver the box when required or use the rented trailer option once again to retrieve the boxes themselves. The packing of boxes is done according to the customer’s desired phasing. College students in between semesters find this option convenient.

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage facilities are usually chosen for properties that are considerably large such as vehicles. Those that may prove impossible to store anywhere else due to size, weight, or configuration will most probably be stored in outdoor storage facilities. Those that require more care can be placed in roofed areas while those that can reasonably withstand the elements can be placed in open areas, provided such conditions are acceptable to the customer.

Most function as parking spaces. Businesses such as hauling and landscaping find much use for this facility. This is usually the least expensive among the options in self-storage facilities.