Items That You Shouldn’t Store in Storage

Storage units are a great way to help you keep your life more organized. However, not everything that you own is intended to be stored away in a unit despite the fact that it is a climate-controlled facility. Here, we will examine some of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to storing your belongings.


Some people may think it’s a good idea to house your iguana in a storage space until they get completely moved into their new home-this is NOT okay. First of all, your pet needs to be allowed to use the bathroom outdoors and storage units do not come equipped with doggy doors. Plus, there is not always a great ventilation system in all storage space and you know how important air is to the whole breathing process. Storage spaces are not boarding facilities so never leave your pet in a storage unit.

Perishable Foods

While storage units may be temperature controlled they are not refrigerators. Foods such as milk, eggs, or meats cannot be stored in your storage space. The food will go bad and the smell will contaminate the rest of your belongings. Plus, nobody likes to clean up after spoiled food.

Stolen Goods

Never use your storage unit to house anything stolen. You will get caught. You will go to jail.


Plants do not bode well in storage facilities. Think about it-there is not natural sunlight in there! Plants need regular water and sunlight in order to thrive so unless you want to come back to a dead plant, don’t leave one in your storage unit.

Large Amounts of Cash

You’ve probably had a look at the pictures floating around the web of large stacks of cash in storage units. This novelty idea is not a good one. Most storage facilities have a policy on the amount of cash you can keep in your unit and remember that storage units may be secure, but they do not have the same security as a bank.


Chemicals should never be housed in a storage system. Chemicals can be very volatile in certain conditions and your collection could mean chaos. If the chemicals are not kept in appropriate conditions they could cause an explosion!


Remember, your storage unit is not a hotel. While you may think it’s a cozy place to relax, never try to rough it in your storage space. There is no lighting or access to water. Plus, you never know if you can trust your buddy to come back for you! Overall, it’s just not a good plan.