Handy and Shop-Savvy: The Buyer’s Guide For Shed Kits

No one likes clutter – except maybe for hoarders. If you like an organised, clutter-free space, even in the least visited areas of your home like the attic or the basement, you’ll want an outdoor storage building. One that ideally looks more like a charming, little house rather than a plain, boxy structure that does nothing to elevate your backyard. But how do you go about building one? Do you hire a contractor or do you rely on the men of your home to get around to propping one up? You can actually build one on your own and you don’t even need to have a background in carpentry. You just need to be a tad handy with a few basic tools and be shop-savvy when choosing shed kit.

What is a shed kit? A shed kit is a do-it-yourself construction with factory-cut components. You can build a simple, single-storey structure for storage just by using a few simple tools. The shed you make can be turned into a storage area for your recreational and sports gear, lawn and garden equipment, outdoor toys, shop tools, and a whole range of other gear. Kits for sheds come in a range of sizes and materials that suit the location you’re going to build it on and your intended purpose. There are sheds big enough to house a boat and there are sheds even larger than that to hold large-scale farm equipment and industrial supplies.

When shopping, consider your shed kit material carefully. Wood sheds are ideal if you’re going for a structure that will match the style of your home. You can choose the exterior paint and roof shingles so that it becomes a small version of your home. If you want a low maintenance shed, resin sheds would be suitable. They are durable, rot and insect resistant, and they don’t rust or require painting. If you want the steel toughness and look of industry sheds, you can choose metal. The ideal kit will be light and easy to assemble and treated with a protective coating against rust.

Determine the size of your shed by thinking about your storage needs. Do this by listing the items you’ll want to put in storage. Will it include wide items like boxy upholstered armchairs, vintage and bulky arcade videogames, or large bedroom headboards? Will it mostly be recreational and sports gear? Will the items be stored in huge boxes? When you’ve got big items to store, make sure that the door to your shed can accommodate the biggest item.

Source your shed kit from a supplier that can also offer to build your sheds for you. This should eliminate any worries on your part that you’ll end up assembling the incorrect pieces together and be left with a pile of sectional pieces that are unconstructed in your backyard. A supplier of shed will provide simple instructions along with kits. But it doesn’t hurt to have access to professional builders who can guarantee well-built, durable, and stable outdoor buildings.