Driveway Security Alarms

The importance of security in various premises cannot be underestimated. Security breaches have caused a lot of damage to both homes and offices, and this is why it is an issue that can never be compromised. One of the safest ways through which individuals can ensure the safety of their property and the people inside their premises is by installing driveway security alarms. These alarms are very useful, as they can detect both people and vehicles. Furthermore, they can be used to sense different types of metal objects that could cause harm, such as guns, knives, and other types of ammunition. Most of them can be easily hidden from the eye, so that the intruder does not tamper with them in any way. The cost of installing these security devices is quite low compared to the service that the consumer will get from them. There are two major types of driveway systems, and the choice of a device largely depends on a user’s needs and circumstances.

Wireless driveway alarm systems

These are some of the most popular security devices in the market today. They are used in both commercial offices and residential homes. They can guarantee the security of the people within the building as well as any of the property in the area. The wireless system consists mainly of three components. These are the sensor, the receiver and the transmitter.

The sensor is a small device that is often hidden from sight and is placed at the entry point. It is what is able to sense the movement of people and vehicles on the premises. The receiver is able to receive these signals in order to alert the owner of the premises. The transmitter is the device that relays the signal that will alert the owner.

Wireless alarm devices have a number of advantages that consumers will enjoy. For starters, they are very easy to install as no wires are involved. Secondly, their price is quite reasonable. Thirdly, they can cover a relatively large distance, as long as there are no obstacles such as large trees or hills in the transmission path.

However, these systems also have a number of disadvantages. The first one is the fact that the signal can be obstructed by trees, hills and buildings that are placed in the path of transmission. Furthermore, these devices will require several battery changes as the battery wears out quite quickly.

Wired Driveway alarms

This system has only two components that are connected by a wire. The components are a sensor and the receiver. The sensor will detect any movement or activity and relay information to the receiver.

The major advantage of this system is that they are very reliable. This is especially because they have batteries that last long and which can keep on working for months. However, the main disadvantage is that they are difficult to set up due to the use of wires.

A consumer will have to know their surroundings, their needs and their transmission distance. They can contact a reliable vendor who will help them to choose the alarm system that will guarantee their security.