Short Term Solutions for Damaged Roof

The roof of your house is among the first things anyone approaching your home will see and, as such, many people do everything they can to have an attractive and effective roof in place. However, there are times when things beyond our control come uninvited and cause some serious damage to roof structures causing homeowners some untold agony. Talk about extreme weather conditions, broken tree branches, snow buildups or just about any other surprise that can damage the roof and cause an annoying leak; there are simple things you can do to deal with the situation sooner rather than later.

The good news is that there are a number of simple repairs you can do quickly as long as you have the right equipment and some spare shingles and give the roof the much needed repair work, albeit temporarily. You don’t have to get too worried thinking about what will happen to the small dent on your roof when all you need to learn is a few simple tricks that will actually help to minimize any damage. If however, you are afraid of going up the roof, you only need to call upon a trusted roofing contractor and they will quickly help you sort out the mess.

Controlling dripping: There is nothing more annoying that trying to collect water in a bucket or a bowl when you have a leaking roof. Failure to do this properly will ultimately ruin the paint and floor in the house. The easiest thing to do while looking for a more permanent solution is to get a yarn or string connected the ceiling next to the source of the leak so that the water will flow down the string or yarn into the bucket. You could also try using a big trash can or cooler just in case you don’t have a big bucket in your house.

Caulking: While you may want to replace shingles yourself, there is no doubt that it requires some kind of expertise to do it perfectly. Most people have a difficult time dealing with the overlapping sets of nails and they cannot easily tell what nails are to be removed and which ones are to be left behind. If you discover some exposed nails and you want to have a short term solution, caulking over the exposed nails under the shingle or above the shingle on top of the hole or crack will give you a few days of grace. You only need to visit a store that sells roofing supplies and buy a tube of construction sealant and you will easily do the job.

Pipe collar cap: If you plan to replace a pipe collar, this is better left with the professional roofers. The truth of the matter is that caulking anywhere near a collar pipe will simply make matters worse than they already are. However, if you still feel that you can do something yourself about collar pipes, you can always buy caps that can be easily placed around that current fixture without necessarily having to remove any nails or even a shingle.