Water Filters – Which System Offers The Cleanest Drinking Water?

The municipal drinking water system is polluted and contaminated with hundreds of dangerous and toxic substances; the problem of impure, unsafe and contaminated water is increasing at an alarming rate. Worldwide more than 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, a number that is only bound to rise with increases in environmental stresses and water pollution.

Impure and Unsafe Drinking Water

The reason for this alarming development is that the US has a booming population that demands safe water – but pollutes the environment at a constantly rising rate. We produce more dangerous microorganisms and contaminants that resist our cleaning efforts and, at the same time, have more people with vulnerable immune systems susceptible to these contaminants.

According to one Article in the Houston Series (‘Tap Water at Risk’), about 900 people in the US die from contaminated tap water each year. Additionally, an estimated 940,000 people get ill or sick from contaminated water each year. Just a few years ago a survey conducted by the Environmental Working Group in 29 Midwestern cities concluded that in 28 of them pesticides were found in their treated tap water.

Chemicals Added To The Water Supply

Chlorine, a chemical added by the municipal water system to “clean” and disinfect the water, is known to cause serious health damages. When chlorine reacts with organic material common in water (such as humus or algae) Trihalomethanes (THM’s) are formed (chloroform is the most common THM produced through this process). Chloroform is a by-product of chlorination and is a known carcinogen, and causes normal cells to mutate, excessive free-radical formation (accelerated aging) and cholesterol to oxidize. Studies have shown that THM’s are directly linked to an increased chance of developing various cancers, causing birth defects and even miscarriages.

Chlorine and its Effects on Health

But not only does drinking tap water expose us to health risks, even showering and bathing does. Documented scientific studies conclude that taking long showers (under chlorinated water) can be a health risk. Our body can absorb more chlorine as a result of a 10-minute shower than if one drank eight glasses of the same water. A warm shower opens up the skin pores and causes the skin to act like a sponge.

As a result, chlorine vaporizes and is inhaled and absorbed through the skin, directly into the bloodstream – at a rate that is up to ten times higher than drinking. In the short term, chlorinated water irritates sinuses, throat, skin and lungs; long-term risks include hardened arteries, higher vulnerability to genetic mutations and difficulties in metabolizing cholesterol.

Which Water Filter System Offers The Cleanest Drinking Water?

The most effective way to remove contaminants (and especially concentrated chemicals like chlorine) from municipally treated water is the combination of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and KDF process multimedia filter as featured in the SimplyPure System.

KDF process media are high-purity, granulated copper and zinc-based alloys that treat water through a process based upon the principle of “Redox” (Oxidation-Reduction). KDF media have a unique combination of copper and zinc which create an electrochemical reaction. During this reaction, harmful contaminants are changed into harmless components (for instance, chlorine is changed into benign, water-soluble chloride, which is then carried harmlessly through the water supply). In this way chloramines, bacteria, mercury, fungi, mold, algae, iron, hydrogen sulfide, scale and micro organisms are removed as well. Similarly, some heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury and others react to plate out onto the medium’s surface, thus being effectively removed from the water supply.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is a charcoal purification media which is treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms. Activated Carbon adsorbs, which means to attach by attraction, chemicals and impurities. The huge surface area of activated charcoal gives it countless bonding sites. When chemicals pass next to the carbon surface, they attach to the surface and are trapped (activated charcoal is good at trapping other carbon-based impurities, “organic” chemicals and chlorine).

Simply Pure Whole Home Water Filtration & Purification System

Simply Pure combines the technologies of Kinetic Degradation Fluxion KDF 85, KDF 55, KDF F and KDF C, and Granular Activated and Oxygenated Carbon (GAC) media, layered and embedded for maximum exposure & water purification (which also minimizes any affect on water pressure), and has striking effects on the quality of water. The treatment and filtration capabilities of this kind of whole home water purification system are far more effective in terms of contaminants removal than other water filter systems like reverse osmosis or distillation systems.

Many water filter systems backwash or strip the water from healthy minerals and put contaminated water back into the environment. SimplyPure allows for maximum water exposure and little or no affect on water pressure, providing clean and pure water, while releasing pure water back into the environment.

SimplyPure Whole House Water Purification System is designed to last a lifetime and offers up to a 99% purification process. It can be easily and professionally installed, has user friendly self filter replacement and is easily maintained. All components are plumbing grade, there are no moving parts, and it is non-electrical. It provides clean and fresh water from every faucet, not just from one, and is practical for families, restaurants, cafes, bars or factories.