Plumbing – U-Trap Pipe Replacement

A few weeks ago, our family noticed water coming out of the cabinets around the kitchen and bathroom sinks. With a little inspection, we discovered the same problem in each case was at fault. The U-trap pipe was leaking due to being worn out from years of use. The pipe as its name suggests is U-shaped.

The importance of the U-trap other than keeping your floor dry and getting rid of water is that because some water is in the bottom of the pipe at all times, this helps prevent sewer gases from entering your home and harming you or your loved ones.

After diagnosing the problem, the next step is to go to the hardware store and get a replacement. Other than a flashlight (no matches or open fire source!), you will need a pipe wrench(only if you can’t use your fingers to remove the nuts holding the pipe) and replacement pipe (either metal or PVC). You should check the pipe to see if you can remove it without a wrench, thus saving you some money if you don’t need one, providing there is not one in the toolkit already. A word about pipe wrenches: You know that number they give such as 18″? That refers to the handle length AND the full opened width of the wrench jaws. Confusing, huh? Just be sure you pay for what you need.

After getting what you need from the store, unscrew the collars or nuts around the pipe, gently move it a bit to see if it moves, then pull out of position, and insert the new pipe and appropriate hardware. See that it is secure. Turn on the water. Check for leaks. If you have anymore problems with leaks from the same source, recheck all pipe connections for the U-pipe and P-pipe. The P-pipe is the one that leads from the U-trap pipe into the wallpipe connection, which, as the name suggests is the pipe leading into the wall and from there the sewer.