Choosing A Water Softener

The best way to start choosing a water softener is with online reviews. A online review can give you an inside view from a customer’s perspective of the product in which you are interested.

This is particularly helpful when the market is saturated with every conceivable type of model and a wide variety of functions. Learning from real life experiences of home users will help you make a better buying decision.

Main Types of Water Softeners

There are four different types of water softeners. They are offsite, manual, semi automatic and automatic.


This type of water softener is a portable exchange unit. However, a company replaces the cylinder so that it does not regenerate in your home.


This water softener requires all manual operation for rinsing, brining and backwashing tasks.

Semi Automatic

All functions in this water softener are automatically controlled except for regeneration.


This water softener’s functions are all automatic including regeneration.

Main Features

There are two main features that you should look for when choosing a water softener; capacity and the method that the softener uses to determine when to regenerate.

Recommended Models

Culligan’s water softeners are easy to maintain and service and their 100% satisfaction guarantee makes choosing a water softener almost foolproof. Many online reviews rate Culligan very highly because Culligan has consistently proven to have high quality products and exceptional customer service.

Fresh Water Ltd. has several models that offer high capacity operation, up to twenty people. Online reviews show that this company is producing some of the most economically operating models available.

CAI Technologies has been given high marks with consumer reviews for having highly efficient and low maintenance water softeners. Their models are also very easy to operate and this makes them one of the most popular water softeners available.