Know Your Stones – Effective Landscaping Techniques

No matter what type of landscaping effect you’re looking for, choosing the correct rock is a necessity. Rocks have a number of functional characteristics as well as they lend beauty to the gardens. When you are designing your landscape garden, along with choosing the right plants, you need to choose the right types of rocks to be put into the garden.

Landscape – there are two indispensable elements in landscape – hardscapes and softscapes.

So what are these hardscapes and softscapes? Softscapes include the living elements of the landscape garden such as trees and flowers while hardscapes consist of the non-living elements like stones and rocks.

Rocks and stones

As you know, rocks are sturdy and are difficult to destroy. So Rocks can be used in retaining walls or making pathways. Moreover they ameliorate the look of a pond or a mini-waterfall.

When you use stones and rocks in your garden, an interesting appearance is sure to come out. You can choose stones from a variety of them. But do have an idea what exact effect you want to have in your garden and then buy the stones.


Boulders are found in various sizes and are apt for water landscapes such as cascades or waterfalls. If you want to create a marking for entryway or driveway to your garden, you can utilize boulders of large size. These markings will surely give a dramatic look to your garden. However ensure that these boulders are intelligently located to attract utmost attention.


Flagstones are good to be used in patios and walks. These stones are smooth and thin and are found in various sizes and shades and interesting shapes. Generally flag stones are situated over a sand layer. You can adjust the flag stones to create an eye-catching design.

River pebbles

River pebbles are suitable and perhaps the best option to be used in drier areas since they aid in water conservation. These stones are utilized as a decorative balance to the plants as well.


The versatile and attractive granites are used in great decoration or can be carved into garden furniture such as benches and tables.

Some other tips in opting for the perfect rock:

o Take a look at the available space when you are deciding on the rocks. Consider the proximity of one rock to another. Ensure that they don’t block a path or a beautiful view.

o The look of the landscape garden also depends on color. There are some significant color schemes. You have the choice to select a colors scheme like yellow, white or red or combine them to have a wonderful effect.

o If you desire a weathered look for your garden, what is better than the porous rocks? These rocks welcome growths of plants like creeping phlox and mosses.

o It is better to avoid using rocks with sharp edges near the pathway.

o If you want to get a more natural appearance, select rocks that have resemblances in appearance, determining their colors, forms and textures.

Select and make use of the rocks in the best manner. Imagine and put the stones in use according to your imagination not forgetting their functionalities. Never forget to give your garden a wholesome natural appearance so that your house will be surrounded by green naturally.