Choosing Bamboo Kitchen Countertops

Bamboo is an eco-friendly, versatile and affordable material. Installing a bamboo countertop is certain to create the stylish and unique look for the kitchen area. Here are several reasons to update the kitchen with a bamboo counter:

Eco-friendly material

Bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable material that is perfect for a variety of uses. It is the most environmentally conscious choice for using in the home. It is fast growing and easy to source in many regions of the world. The raw bamboo material can reach full maturity within a period of four to seven years. This is much less than alternative materials used in the kitchen. Also, by preserving the root structure of the bamboo, the same plant can regenerate within a timeframe of five years.

Cost of the bamboo material

Basically, the cost of the bamboo countertop is very competitive compared to alternative materials in the market. It is much more cost-effective when compared to the cost per square foot of materials like quartz, marble and stone. The cost of installing bamboo countertops will relate to the finish, size and thickness. Also, consider the installation cost if using professional contractors.

Bamboo isn’t the least expensive, so if cost is a major issue with updating the kitchen, it may help to look at some of the alternative choices like the laminate countertops. In general, the bamboo countertops are rated at the mid-point mark between the premium and low-cost materials.

Reliable strength and durability

Bamboo can offer a high degree of strength and durability provided it is treated in the correct way. The bamboo material needs to be treated with a preferred sealer to maintain its strength and appearance. Bamboo is easily scorching if hot pots or pans are placed directly on top. Also, the bamboo counter shouldn’t be used like a cutting board since this will leave cuts and nicks. Bamboo can appear very distinct and attractive in the kitchen, but it isn’t the most durable option available.

Sealers and finishes for the countertop

A bamboo countertop can be finished with a variety of sealers to offer the desired look. A sealer like beeswax and mineral oil is recommended for counters used as a surface for food prep. Another choice is tung oil. This is effective at providing a reliable barrier to water. Traditional finishes, such as varnishes and polyurethane, are further options. Also, it is important to check the sealer or finisher is food safe before coating the bamboo surface.