Using Rug Flooring Ideas for Color

It is most desirable to have some contrast to the main color present in any decorating scheme. Rugs can frequently supply that desired contrast. especially since it can be added in small doses and therefore blend into the overall decorating motif without affecting the overall design. For instance. if a room has walls that are copper or a related color. bringing in reds that are related in tone to the copper tones of the walls will work best. Like a musical piece, the higher notes (light colors of the walls) contrast with the lower notes (the darker colors of the flooring). Using the same metaphor. you would still need higher notes in the form of brighter colors and harmonizing notes in the form of blending colors in order to keep some interest in the overall design.

This is one of the things that makes interior design so interesting. Take, for instance, the fact that the deep. dark colors that are found in oriental rugs complements so well the paler shades that are usually on walls and furniture. Even the most carefully chosen carpeting cannot create this magic. Of course. there are badly designed oriental rugs. just as there is a rotten apple in every barrel. but for the most part. the long history of oriental rugs. dating back to the beginnings of civilization. has meant that the design of oriental rugs is blessed with a richness that cannot be emulated by today’s techniques. Rugs of this quality fit into just about any design. whereas newly manufactured and designed rugs must be specially made or chosen for a specific design. This is so. whether or not We understand the reasons for it. Even the most beautiful of modern carpet design will not fit in anywhere. but a good oriental rug can go with any decorating scheme.

Perhaps this is because any good design requires some contrast. some sharpness to make it a good design. and modern carpets are all of a blend. Choosing a carpet with some contrast in it may help in this design flaw. but that means that. since it is done in a factory. the contrast will be repeated in the same manner over and over. That is what makes makes mass manufactured carpets so boring; the nature of the process requires that the same design is repeated every yard or foot or two.

This has to result in a constant repetition of the same little squiggles or curves. which can become annoying to the eye when repeated too much. Even if a repeated design is very well done. it is difficult to avoid the monotony and annoying features of a repetitous pattern over a large area such as a floor covering.