Securing Signs and Sheets to Keep Them Safe and Resistant to Weather

When putting up promotional banners and signs it is important that they can be seen at all times and that they are secure. Usually large marketing signage is created from PVC or a similar material; it is important that it is manufactured to last.

In most cases your banner or sheet will have eyelets, if not they will need to be added. This may well be worth seeking professional help for, you can buy special kits to add grommets but the hemming and sealing usually requires an expert. It is important to know the diameter of these holes as this will determine which fixing to use.

Bungee comes in a large range of sizes and diameters, generally the larger in diameter the stronger it gets. The most common bungee is 8mm & 10mm, most eyelets will allow this size of elastic cord to fit through, but as I mentioned earlier, it is important to know the size of the grommets to know which cord can fit. 3mm diameter and upwards are available readily so there will be a size to fit most sheets. You will need to buy enough cord to create the amount of desired fixings you need, being dependent on the individual factors you will have to take into account.

Securing signs to items like poles, fencing and sides of buildings can be tricky, the key is to either use pre-prepared fixings such as hook ties or ball bungees or you can also create bespoke bungees by buying a length of elastic cord and adding hook ends. These hook ends are re-usable; the plastic ones are recommended as they are safer and easier to attach and detach. Securing in this way will mean that the sign gains a higher level of resistance to inclement weather; wind, rain and snow. Depending on what you are fixing your signage to, the cord will need to be wrapped around a number of times. A good trick is to keep the elasticated rope you are using taut but not too tight as to allow for some elasticity during bad weather.

Other ways of fixing include cable ties, which easily fit through eyelets. Poly rope is the most common alternative fixing used, it is strong and when wet does not expand or stretch as much as other types.

When buying signage, for outside purposes, remember to check the quality of the item, as mentioned, the most common material is PVC, it is strong and flexible.