Giving Your House a Simple Makeover in Cheap Ways

Sometimes, you will get tired of how your house looks especially when you’ve spent like a decade or more without even doing a single thing for improvement. Restricted budget hampers your decision to at least change the curtains regularly or to breathe new life to your kids’ rooms. If you’re in this situation, then you’ll need the following tips which will guide you to give your house a revamp or makeover in ways that is pocket-friendly.

Make curtains from old denims.

Curtains can be a bit pricy. A set can be equivalent to a month’s budget for some groceries. And if you’re in a hurry to give your windows a new life but seem to be a little tight on budget, why not dig in your old clothes for denim pieces from jeans, shorts, and jackets. With simple measurements and sewing, you’ll be able to fit cut pieces of those together to make a new curtain that best fits for use in an area needing dimmer ambiance and warmer feel. You may want to try making denim curtains during colder months.

Make the walls of your kids’ room a little art canvass.

Just an average can of non-VOC paint can help you turn your kids’ room into one that is proudly his or her own. Choosing the kids’ favorite color, you can let the kid have imprints of his or her hands on the wall. Guide the kid to make the hand imprints look visually good whether they are distant or near to one another. Splashing several colors of paint or splattering the wall with some hues can also prove to be a worthy makeover tip. Just be sure to protect the floor and the stuff from paint drips.

Extra storages – use old stuff!

A lot of old things inside your house can be transformed into extra storages. Average to large-sized tin cans can be made into pen holders; empty bottles into vases; and cases into toy cabins. Even an old skateboard residing in your attic can be a shelf to hold some figurines under your stairs.

A house makeover is not always equivalent to buying expensive furniture, fixtures or appliances. Sometimes, a little bit of creativity is just what you need to see your house in a different mood and light. Of course, if your budget permits – you can always indulge in a more expensive makeover involving some purchases.