Your Spring Cleaning Should Include Your Drawers

It’s almost that time again to start thinking about that warmer weather and those fun times in the sun. But it also marks the beginning of the national pastime we know as spring cleaning.

Families across the country will tear apart their homes in search of dust bunnies and window streaks that have managed to make their way in for the winter. It’s time for that good old deep cleaning. It needs to be done.

While you are renewing your home this spring, don’t forget to clean and organize one of your most highly used areas of the house: your bedroom. If it is anything like our home, it gets a little messy. And so does our dresser.

Our family likes to use spring cleaning as an excuse to clean out our top dresser drawers. We find that spring is a good time to look at not only what should be cleaned, but what could be replaced. The top drawer always has a need for replacement.

What is it about our favorite underwear that we can’t resist? It might be the most important part of our wardrobes, but we let them fall to pieces before replacing them.

Our bras and panties are the clothing that is nearest our intimates and we get quite comfortable with certain ones. What we have to remember is how nice it is to have fresh cotton undies for our support. They are not that expensive, and we should indulge in the little luxuries of intimates.

When it’s time for your spring cleaning, take the time to make an inventory of your top drawer. You might find it is time to reward yourself for all of those cleaning efforts. A fresh pair might give you a whole new attitude this year!