How to Dry Clean Your Carpet in 4 Easy Steps!

Yes, so many people think Dry Cleaning Carpet is very expensive and that have to be done by professionals. I can agree with that if you have to use a company to dry cleaning your carpet every time you decide to clean them and I don’t agree that it has to be done by professionals. Anyone with the right product and few instructions can do it without any problem. That’s why I’m here. I’m here to teach you what most of the companies out there don’t want you to know.

I’m sure that today, if you have an Oriental Area Rug, you are paying a good amount of money to have them “professionally” cleaned, can you imagine you cleaning them yourself and saving all that cash for your kids or even for yourself? Just to have an idea, if you have an area rug measuring 10 X 14 you are going to pay at least $235.00 every time you want it cleaned, and I’m sure you know what you can do with this money, right? And there’s another problem here, do you remember the last time you have the same area rug cleaned and you did not like the cleaning result? You tried to call the company and they were putting you on hold for days, or even weeks? And then, they show up on your home again, taking off your time, getting there late, making you late for everything else you had to do? I know this is very frustrating, and you don’t have to deal with that anymore, just follow the easy steps I will show you and I can guarantee you will be very happy with the final result.

Let me first explain you the methodology about Dry Carpet Cleaning:

This method of cleaning was not designed to correct any high soiled carpet to its “like new” appearance, it is intended to keep the carpet in its cleanest way avoiding to get too dirty, if your carpet is in a very bad soiled situation, I will recommend you have it cleaned by professional first and then, maintained using the method I will teach you here. What happens when you dry clean your carpet: the powder you use acts like a sponge for the dirt, it attracts the dirt and crystallizes it, making it very easy to be vacuumed off. You may also remove some spots/stains using the dry cleaning process but, make sure you have the “Carpet Spotting Kit” to treat hard to remove spots prior to the cleaning. I will explain in details how to remove spots using the dry cleaning method in my article on “How to remove spots using the Dry Cleaning Process”.

Now, let’s go back to the original matter of this article:


* First of all, let me make a list of what you need:

1- Carpet Cleaning Granules Shampoo. (Any)

2- Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray. (Any)

3- 1/2-Gallon Hand Pump Sprayer.

4- Carpet Groomer or any Floor Broom (Medium or Soft).

5- Regular Vacuum Cleaner. (EPA Approved)

Its always recommended you vacuuming the carpet before you start the cleaning procedures, it will remove any dry soil from the fibers.

* Now, let’s go back to the procedures; as I’ve told you, this is how you can Dry Clean your carpet in 4 easy steps:

– 1st Step:

* Spread a very light coat of Carpet Cleaning Granules Shampoo evenly over a 10 X 10 inches carpeted area.

– 2nd Step:

* Spray the Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray over all the powdered area using the Pump Sprayer at a mix rate on the bottle label.

– 3rd Step:

* Broom the powder into the carpet fibers and let it stand for half an hour.

(If you noticed a high amount of dust from the powder, just spray more solution and you should be ok, remember to do an area about 10″ X 10″)

Repeat steps 1st to 3rd until all areas are covered with the powder and solution. (please do not over-spray)

Let the product stand on the carpet for at least 30 minutes.

– 4th Step:

* Vacuuming the entire carpeted areas until all powder is removed. Make sure the vacuuming is done slow and try to over pass meaning vacuuming an area at least two times.

And you know what? That’s done.

Now, more often you repeat all the process, longer your carpet will stay cleaner and fresher it will be.

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